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Mediation empowers individuals who are in a dispute to discuss their differences, assisted by trained volunteer mediators. Participants are encouraged to discover their own positive and collaborative solutions.

  • Best suited to: 2 Individuals
  • Average Time of Service: 1-3 hours
  • Cost: Donations to CMCS are appreciated for service

What to expect: The mediation process is facilitated by neutral and impartial mediators who assist the individuals to:

  • Identify the issues to be resolved
  • Allow both individuals to discuss and share the importance of the issue(s) with the other individual
  • Generate solutions that will address the concerns of both parties by creating a mediated agreement
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Conflict Assistance Meeting (CAM)

CAMs assist individuals to recognize their own potential to manage a conflict situation by working with a mediator. Participants are encouraged to understand not only their own perspectives, but also those of the other party, enabling them view situations from both sides, identify new perspectives, to discover personal goals, and create strategies to accomplish those goals.

  • Best suited to: 1 Individual
  • Average Time of Service: 1-3 hours
  • Cost: Donations to CMCS are appreciated for service

What to expect: The CAM process is facilitated by neutral and impartial CAM mediators who assist the individual to:

  • Discover their goals to assist in moving forward
  • View the conflict from both side and identify new perspectives
  • Establish steps to reach their goal(s)
  • Discuss how to remove the barriers from achieving one's goals
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Community Engagement

Community Engagement works to engage groups to discuss what is important to them and to create collaborative processes to provide solutions.

What to expect: The Community Engagement process is facilitated by neutral and impartial facilitators who assist the groups to:

  • Manage Public Meetings - when there is a need to allow for a variety of opinions to be openly expressed among interested individuals
  • Build Understanding - when a number of options require further exploration
  • Manage Constructive Communications - when a meeting requires an unbiased person to conduct respectful communications
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Workshop Series Managing Conflicts and Resolving Disputes introduce participants to processes used to manage conflict and resolve disputes. The series consists of stand-alone workshops that allow organizations/individuals the flexibility to choose topics best suited for their specific needs.

  • Best suited to: not-for-profit organizations, community associations, resident's associations, boards, clubs, sports groups, and individuals
  • Average Time of Service: Each workshops is 90 minutes
  • Cost: $100 per workshop (based on a group of 20 participants)

Workshop Topics: Each workshop highlights a single particular skill or concept from the basic skills used by our mediators and facilitators in their professional practice.

  • The Good Listener - If you are speaking, you are losing
  • Body Language - The good, the bad, and the effective
  • What about Perceptions? - How you see the world is your world
  • Anger - Masking the Truth
  • Being Curious - The art of a good question
  • What did I just say? - Saying what you mean and meaning what you say

Coming Soon ... A workshop series for boards. For more details contact

Arranging for Services

Contact our Service Coordinator at or who will screen requests, contact all parties involved, and organize the appropriate service.

Mediation and CAM clients will usually meet with the mediators at a CMCS provided location based on client needs and respecting concerns for privacy and security. Facilitations and workshops are generally held at locations determined by client resources.

CMCS works with both the clients and service providers to book a time that is convenient for everyone. Bookings are available during the day or evening, Monday through Sunday between 9am and 9pm. Our office is closed on statutory holidays.