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Community Mediation Calgary Society (CMCS), is a registered charitable not-for-profit organization of volunteers who provide conflict management and dispute resolution information, and assistance.

CMCS was formed in 1993 as the brainchild of five newly trained mediators wanting to gain experience mediating community-based disputes by making available the mediation alternative to neighbors, community associations, and not-for-profit groups.

Our Services

Mediation empowers individuals who are in a dispute to discuss their differences, assisted by trained volunteer mediators. Participants are encouraged to discover their own positive and collaborative solutions ..more..

Conflict Assistance Meetings (CAM) assists individuals to recognize their own potential to manage a conflict situation by working with a mediator. Participants are encouraged to understand not only their own perspectives, but also those of the other party, in order to discover personal goals and create a strategy to accomplish those goals ..more..

Community Engagement works to engage groups in open discussion to assist in creating collaborative solutions ..more..

Workshop Series Managing Conflicts and Resolving Disputes introduces participants to processes used to manage conflict and resolve disputes. The series consists of stand-alone workshops to allow organizations or individuals the flexibility to choose topics that best address their specific needs ..more..

Funding and Donations

CMCS is a not-for-profit society and a registered charity whose operating expenses are paid for by member fees, grants, and tax-deductible donations. Our services are provide by volunteers. To continue providing these services to the community, we appreciate any financial support that you are able to give.

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